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Die Casting & Tooling

Pushing the limits of precision tooling

No matter how intricate or complex your project is, you can count on Inventix, a division of Southwest Metal Finishing, to deliver high precision tooling and die cast components that meet your specifications.

We push the industry limits, providing flash-free tooling with unprecedented precision. We also offer the flexibility of single- and multi-cavity dies, and complete interchangeability of cavities for standardization and repeatability.

Because a manufactured component is only as good as its die, our team of experienced engineers and toolmakers has the design expertise to ensure the accuracy of your most demanding products, including:
  • zinc die castings
  • aluminum die castings

Southwest Metal Finishing also works with a variety of other stampers, forgers and casters for processing aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and zinc substrates.

Full robotic cell technology includes vision systems to monitor sequence operations.

Techmire machines offer fast injection speeds and cycle times to create intricate
and detailed components while keeping costs low.

Real-time controlled Frech machines are ideal for larger castings.



At Southwest Metal Finishing, the finish you want is the finish you get…



By offering automated and manual plating lines, we provide flexibility and high volume capabilities…


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