Answers to frequently asked questions

What is CASS testing?

The Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (CASS) test, often referred to as the Salt Fogging Test, is used to simulate and evaluate the corrosive performance of decorative copper/nickel/chromium or nickel/chromium coatings on steel, zinc or aluminium alloys and plastics designed for severe service.

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How do I determine cosmetic requirements and quantify them?

The appearance or cosmetic requirements are a reflection of the customer’s feedback. Location and size of condition(s) are key to pleasing the customer. Given these factors, the less visible, the less significant. Conditions then are quantified by size and frequency based on visibility. These parameters must be aligned with process capability and yield expectations. 

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Can areas of my part be free of plating?

Yes, areas of threads (internal and external) and close tolerance holes can easily be masked from cleaning and plating operations. This practice is best accomplished using plastics that are resistant to acids and alkali.

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Can Southwest Metal Finishing certify the product?

Yes, Southwest utilizes PPAP, APQP, and an in-house laboratory, and CMM Layouts to routinely certify product. Our team consists of some of the top people in the industry, suppliers with whom we have long-standing relationships, and accredited labratory sevices. This combination of experts guarantees a top quality result for your products. 

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What is duplex nickel?

Duplex simply means two layers. By applying two layers of nickel, the first being semi-bright, and the second being bright, exceptional corrosion resistance is possible. The bright nickel offers not only a decorative brilliance, but also the semi bright nickel provides the bulk of the corrosion resistance.

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For other questions, please give us a call at 262-784-1919. Or check these websites:

National Metal Finishing Center:  www.nmfrc.org
National Association for Surface Finishing: www.nasf.org
Finishing Industry: www.finishing.com
Metal Finishing: www.metalfinishing.com
The Institute of Corrosion: www.icorr.org
The Institute of Metal Finishing: www.uk-finishing.org.uk
ASTM (for testing and performance standards): www.astm.org