Southwest Metal Finishing

Sustainability Policy & Environmental Practices

Our Sustainability Policy

Southwest Metal Finishing’s business operations are run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. We are an excellent global citizen, engaged in dialogue with all our stakeholders, building trust and setting a path forward that assures our long-term success.

We recognize that we have a responsibility to all people, including those who are not employees of Southwest. That is why we work closely with our associates, suppliers, and the community to develop long-term, sustainable social and environmental standards.

We strive to use resources as efficiently as possible and to reduce waste. By adopting new technologies and methods, we will work proactively to minimize our environmental footprint while improving production and business processes.  

Our Environmental Practices

Environmental awareness
Promotion of environmental awareness among our employees and suppliers

Respect for nature
Caution in decision-making out of respect for nature

Sustainable use of resources
Resource conservation, recycling and reduction of waste

Healthy products
Products that are safe to use and harmless to the environment

Clean production chain
Sustainable production and production methods used throughout the supply chain

Green transport
Clean and efficient transport with limited impact on the climate


Mission Statement

Southwest Metal Finishing is a premier provider of decorative chrome plating and metal finishing…


Quality Policy

We assure quality compliance through our documented quality management system…